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Junkers Ju52 - Airliner Livery Pack 3

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The Junkers Ju 52 is the very definition of stalwart transportation. From its beginnings as an airliner, it would emerge as a capable military transport and even as a bomber!

Whilst many know of its exploits as a military aircraft, it is its tireless work as an airliner that truly set the stage for its success.

This livery pack includes five examples of the Ju 52 in service with airlines around the world.

- Deutsche Lufthansa D-AFES (Standard and Modern Cockpit versions)
- Deutsche Lufthansa D-ANOY (Standard and Modern Cockpit versions)
- Malert HA-JUA (Standard and Modern Cockpit versions)
- ÖLAG OE-LAM (Standard and Modern Cockpit versions)
- Ceskoslovenské Státni Aerolinie OK-ZDO (Standard and Modern Cockpit versions)

This livery pack includes a Bushtrip recreating one of Deutsche Lufthansa’s regular passenger routes from Berlin to Wroclaw using Ju 52’s.

This pack requires the Junker Ju 52 Local Legend for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

A copy of the manual is available here:

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Texture set for the JU52/3M for Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Junkers Ju52 - Airliner Livery Pack 3

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